Drawing Blood and Playing at the Mall

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I went with Tara to the pediatrician on Friday for Ashby's appointment. Ashby is suffering from iron-deficit anemia, which means her low level of iron in her blood is causing her to have a low hemoglobin count. Tara and her mother also have low hemoglobin count, but this is caused by them both having Thalassemia Beta and has nothing to do with low iron. Ashby tested negative for Thalassemia when she was born. Ashby's low hemoglobin and iron is perplexing because we've been supplementing her diet with iron for a month now and we have seen no improvement. The doctor says iron-deficit anemia is not uncommon for babies, which is why they test at 9 months (Ashby is now 10 months, 2 weeks). Also, she said that she has seen cases where the children Maplewood (11) don't show an improvement in the first month. I can say based on research Tara has done we just discovered you shouldn't eat eggs or cheese within a 1-2 hours of consuming iron supplements because both can prevent your body from absorbing iron. Of course, this is what Ashby has for breakfast almost every day when we dose her with iron. We've been giving her juice cut with water for Vitamin C to assist her body in absorbing the iron too, but now we're going to straight juice, which I wanted to avoid. Giving babies juice seems…unnatural. Here is Ashby getting her blood drawn in sequential order, she's such a trooper!

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Tara took Ashby to Maplewood Mall's play area earlier this week along with the other participants of her ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) classes. By the way, ECFE is awesome. I recommend it to any parent. This is Ashby's second class, it's called: "Movers." The classes consist mostly of singing songs and the adults have time to chat while the kids play. It's great for providing Ashby some additional socialization with other kids her age. Although, Ashby does have Alla, who I believe is also in ECFE classes, but is in an older age bracket.

I managed to make it to at least a few of Ashby's first ECFE's classes last Spring, but this current one I've only been able to attend once. Somehow I managed to attend the class in which all the mothers (I was the only dude) decided to discuss their birth experiences. Needless to say, I didn't have a Maplewood (12)whole lot to contribute to that conversation. My only contribution was sharing my perspective on Ashby looking like a piece of canned fruit when she popped out.

Anyhow, Ashby had such a great time at the play area earlier this week that Tara and I decided to take Ashby again today. Tara was stunned I was actually willing to go to a mall, but I wanted to see Ashby crawling through the tunnel Tara had told me about. It was a bit too crowded for our comfort, but Ashby had a great time. When we got home there was a deer in our backyard. We get lots of deer, turkey, pheasants, raptors, and other wildlife in our backyard because our property ends at Rice Creek Nature Preserve, which is a large wildlife corridor. Speaking of our house, now that it's almost certain Tara and I are moving to San Diego we're actively planning for the move. We need to sell a car because we won't need it. And we need to rent our house. I may as well take advantage of the little traffic I get here by posting ads here too (coming up).

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2 thoughts on “Drawing Blood and Playing at the Mall

  1. Update: Ashby’s anemia mystery is solved! She, like her mother and mother’s mother before her, has Thalassemia Beta. It took us two months of giving her iron and 4 or 5 blood tests to verify what I had been telling the doctors all along. Somehow it wasn’t caught in the newborn blood screen, which made the pediatrician, understandably, doubt her having it.

  2. Aaron you are an amazing father and I love you. Ashby is going to truly enjoy reading your blog and I am happy that I can now make comments.

    As for any parents out there wanting to visit the play area in the mall take my advice and go during the week.

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