Microsoft Word as a Blogging Interface

So, I’ve talked long and hard about how in this Web 2.0 world we should stop trying to replace desktop apps with crappier web based ones. This has been reinforced at every conference when watching a demo blow up in the face of the presenter (hell, it’s happened to me) because the application is entirely in the browser. Today I installed Microsoft Office 2007. I know I just slammed Outlook and I will continue to do so, but Outlook 2007 has some much improved handling of IMAP and as previously mentioned I’m stuck with Outlook so, what the hell, I installed the whole application suite. Allow me to segue: I don’t really use Microsoft Office opting instead for TextPad, OpenOffice, DekiWiki, or just an HTML editor. Anyway, I’m writing a paper for work and I launched Word for shits and giggles to check out this ‘ribbon’ interface. To my surprise what do I find? In the new Word you can configure it to post directly to one of many different blog engines. Brilliant! This could be a really nice interface for blogging! You can open existing posts, embed categories, add new categories, publish as a draft…I’m impressed. The only piece missing is the ability to browse your Flickr photo share by date, tags, set, whatever, and drag and drop the photo in pre-defined sizes into Word and have them linked to the full size image on Flickr. At the very least, let me browse all my Flickr photos. This would be the missing piece that would easily make this the de-facto standard for posting to one’s blog. OpenOffice needs to do this.

: So, I’ve tried to use Word as a blogging interface. Worthless. You can’t view or edit the source HTML, which is a must because it doesn’t have an interface for photo sharing sites or a means of easily floating images, setting alt tags, etc. This post to blog feature has less than half the functionality it needs to be useful. I still think the concept is a great idea though, but it’s like my dad used to say: ‘if you’re going to do it half-assed, don’t bother doing it."