Ashby’s First Birthday

Ashby_1year (15)

Ashby turned one year old on Saturday, January 6. It is hard to believe she’s already one. I think back to those first three months…man…that was scary. Things are much more stable now. We’ve had so many milestones already. She got her harness off for her hip dysplasia and report that her hips are normal at about three months, which was a huge relief. Then at eight months my fears of SIDS ended because research shows SIDS drops way off at that age and is no longer an issue at one year. She crawled. She signed for the first time. She’s spoken her first word: ‘dadadada’. She led us on a wild goose chase to determine why she’s anemic. She’s walked (with the aid of a walker toy). And more. I’m glad she’s sturdier now. She’s a lot more fun now that I can ‘rastle’ with her.

For Ashby’s birthday weekend the wonderful and very talented Jj Killins (our neighbor we will surely miss after we move) took photos of Ashby again. She’s amazing. For the full photo set click “Ashby’s One Year Set” below. Tara and Brenda also took Ashby to Target to get more photos taken. I can’t stand these places though because you don’t get the digital copies. What’s the point? I want nothing to do with that; although, the photographer took some surprisingly nice shots. I prefer Jj’s though photos though. I know most photographers aren’t like Jj (meaning they don’t provide digital copies), but it’s just nonsense.

Ashby_1year (8)On Ashby’s birthday she also went to the playground, one of her most favorite things to do. I stayed at home and work. Partially because I have so much crap to do, but also because I knew if I went I would steal the show from Brenda (Tara’s mom) who doesn’t have much time left before we move. When Ashby went down for her nap Tara and Brenda did a great job decorating the kitchen. After Ashby got up we sang her happy birthday, took a ton of photos, and let her taste cake for the first time. Tara got a cake from Byerlys, this awesome grocery store chain they have in Minnesota. It’s got a great meats and cheese section. This is where I got the four different sashimi grade fish for our New Years’ Eve sushi night. Around Christmas time they have a pianist. The place is all carpeted. And they give a free cake for first birthdays! The place rules. Anyhow, Ashby stuck her finger in the cake, didn’t know what to do, I put it in her mouth, and she jerked her head back as if her finger had an electriccharge. She paused, stuck her finger in again, tasted, and concluded this was some good stuff.

Tara and I plan on getting Ashby an aquarium once we move to San Diego; so, we didn’t really get her much for Christmas. However the in-laws gave her a hippo-walker/ride-on toy that Ashby promptly stood behind and charged about the house with. Also, she received a Leap Frog console that communicates with the DVD player. She checked it out for the first time today and seemed to understand she was manipulating the TV. I’m not yet sure how successful that one will be.

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