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January 21, 2007

Kelly Abbott, creator of Dandelife, just brought my attention, in a comment here, that he has some new features at Dandelife and he’s open sourced some of his work. I’ve spoken previously about Dandelife here. Strangley enough, I previously stumbled across this SIMILE project, which is what he’s open sourced, but I didn’t know it was Kelly’s. That’s awesome Kelly! Free knowledge! As previously mentioned, Dandelife is cool. I have to recommend Tabulas (it is Roy’s), then Dandelife if you’re interested in a hosted blogging platform with social features. I would advise using either platform over blogger or other hosted blogging applications. Both are perfectly mainstream and feature rich. Ok, I’m sorry Roy, but I think Dandelife is a tad cooler with the timeline and subtle styling, but only because Roy spends all his time on his full time job. 🙂 However, Tabulas does have a much much larger membership than Dandelife does, so if you’re in it for the community…The only mark against Dandelife is the company Kelly keeps. I defer to my previous comments about self-proclaimed experts on software who aren’t engineers. I guess I generally don’t like trendy hipster doofuses. Now, don’t think this is why I dropped my Dandelife because this didn’t come to my attention until afterward. Anyway, kudos Kelly for open sourcing some of your wonderful application. I’m sure you will continue to grow and be successful. I hope in a couple weeks when I move to your town we’ll go out for coffee or beer. Everyone else who’s reading this, drop your blogger and typepad accounts and migrate to Dandelife. You won’t regret it. Unless you’re a family member of mine because I’m going to launch WordPress MU for us.


I guess I’ve misinformed everyone. Kelly has actually implemented a view of SIMILE and not actually contributed any development to the project. I guess I misunderstood his assertion.

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  1. Uhhh…perhaps. So, Kelly is using the Simile project in his work. Alright.

  2. DHuynh permalink

    Aaron, perhaps that was an honest wording mistake, e.g., “implemented [a view using] the SIMILE timeline”. No harms done. But I’d suggest correcting your blog post.

  3. David,

    Whoa! I apologize. I did not check the credits. It’s strange Kelly states in a comment here: “We have also implemented the SIMILE timeline, which is open source.” What’s up with that?

  4. DHuynh permalink

    Aaron, the SIMILE Timeline project is NOT Kelly Abbott’s work. Check the Credits section of the site:

  5. Aaron –

    I’d love to have coffee, lunch, or both! Thanks again for the kind words. I’ll keep on truckin’ . . .


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