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Media Reform

January 22, 2007

Did you follow events of the National Conference for Media Reform Conference that was recently held in Memphis, TN? If not, your media is crap. It has been well covered by a couple media streams I consume. Namely the wonderful Democracy Now! and On the Media had coverage. It seems the conference is organized by Free Press, which oddly just recently came to my attention as well. I had no idea this conference was taking place. Had I known, I would have really liked to have been there. This was an important event. A very important event. Do you remember that PBS dude? Bill…uhhh…Moyers or something? 😉 Well, holy crap did he give a speech! I’ve been planning on posting about the keynote address he gave at the event. He makes so many points that I feel very strongly about that I had intended on doing a point by point write up. However, his speech was so damn good I would only be doing it an injustice. This was one of the most powerful and important speeches I’ve heard…in my life to date really; at least, due to it’s relevance today. If you have not heard this, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You can hear the condensed version at Democracy Now! and read the transcript or listen to the MP3, which in some ways is more impactful than the video provided below via YouTube (in case you’re a ‘tard, and I know there are a few of you here, you can just click the play arrow below to view the video) Part One:

Part Two:

Finally, watch Amy Goodman’s address. It’s powerful and equally important. It also includes a peculiar fact regarding Rumsfeld.

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