Ashby's Hospital Visit

Convict escapes while Ashby suffers from a fever. Yes, true story. Ashby came down with a touch of fever on Monday and we took her into the hospital. Being new in town we didn’t (we do now) have a primary pediatrician for her. We were on our way to Children’s Hospital, but I got turned around and couldn’t find our way. So, I called Ken and he gave me directions to the closest hospital to us at the time, which was UCSD in Hillcrest. Well, it was already late so we were going to the emergency room. Turns out this hospital gets a lot of patients from the city and has a contract with the local prison. There were a lot of chained and cuffed convicts and rough looking folks about. At one point, around 2 AM (we were there from 8 PM until after 3 AM) a convict escaped in cuffs! That was awesome.

Needless to say Tara and I were totally wiped out when the movers arrived only three hours after we go to bed. This week has been pretty exhausting. I took a couple days off from work that I desperately needed to get unpacked and have some family time. My mother is in town. We should be pretty much unpacked by Monday.

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