Seaport Village

With my mother in town for a short week we set out to blaze the road most travelled. We’d shown her around our neighborhood, Little Italy, so we set out for Seaport Village. It’s a tourist trap that’s filled mostly with shops that peddle dustables (objects that only serve to be dusted). I did manage to find a killer hat shop. There is also a parent’s group that meets here weekly though and it is a great place for kids. We first thought we would take the trolley thinking we would ride the red line all the way to Seaport Village, but it turns out the red line only runs during special events. We rode the trolley up one stop and got off after realizing this. It’s not like we needed to take the trolley being Seaport Village is only a half mile away, but Ashby likes trains. We walked back along the harbor. It was wonderful.

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This photo isn’t from this day, but I had to post it. 🙂

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  1. Yes, we had a great time with Grandie at Seaport Village. I was not impressed by the shops AT ALL. However, Grandie and I discovered Horton Plaza yesterday and I really like that place.

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