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Beck, The Information

February 14, 2007

I’ve been listening to Beck, The Information. It’s brilliant! Sea Change was a great album, now this. Beck rules.

Hailed as “a deeply natural songwriter” (THE NEW YORKER) who “defies expectations in his own way” (TIME) and “Gen X’s most famous absurdist” (BLENDER), BECK is the single most inventive and eclectic figure to emerge from the ’90s alternative revolution. In an era obsessed with junk culture, Beck seamlessly blends pop, folk, hiphop, indie/underground and electronica with the end result being an authentically uncategorizeable musical style that nevertheless has sold millions of records and scored multiple Grammy awards.

Three years in the making, THE INFORMATION is the album Beck began work on in 2003 with producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s OK Computer, Kid A; Beck’s Sea Change, Mutations) and finally completed this year once Guero’s massive success and encore touring engagements, as well as Nigel’s other commitments, were fulfilled.

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  1. Elizabethtown Soundtrack is my favorite soundtrack since Magnolia.

  2. i LOVE sea change. this one is next on my list to get. just got GARDEN STATE soundtrack.

  3. Crap, you’re kidding me!

  4. Aaron Solem permalink

    Yeah, he’s so talented I can ALMOST overlook the fact that he’s a Scientalogist.

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