Kansas Adopts New Science Standards

Slashdot | Kansas Adopts New Science Standards

“The Kansas State Board of Education has changed the state science standards once again, this time to take out language questioning evolution. This turnaround comes fast on the heels of the ouster given this past election to the ultra-conservative Board members who originally introduced the language. ‘Science’ has also been re-redefined as ‘a human activity of systematically seeking natural explanations’ (the word ‘natural’ had been previously stricken from the definition). If you’d like to see the new standards, a version showing all additions and deletions is available from the KS DOE’s website (PDF).”

This was just brought to my attention by SteveB. Why is the term ultra-conservative being used as a term to describe religious fanatics in the United States. Is this a way of lessening the rightfully negative stigma of someone who is intolerant and ignorant?