New faces at ideapark

Mark Kurtz – Vice President of Client Services
Mark’s been a friend of ideapark for several years and we’re very excited to mix his skills and interests into our group. He brings extensive experience in technology and marketing from both the agency and client perspectives. During his time spent with Seattle-based Garrigan Lyman, Mark worked with clients such as Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Aveda, Polaris, Nikon, and SAP. As a voracious entrepreneur, he’s started companies in Australia, Singapore and St. Paul. Most recently he served as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the wiki wizards at MindTouch (which recently moved to San Diego). Mark’s lived all over the world, but he’s a Midwesterner at heart (we’re hiding the fact that he’s from the Green Bay area for obvious reasons).

New faces at ideapark

Looks like MarkK’s found a new home. These guys are very fortunate to have him. There have been a couple times in the last week or two in which I said: “yup, that was Mark’s doing”. His positive influence is still felt at MindTouch and both SteveB and I miss him. Mark heading Client Services is a perfect role for him. He’s amazingly adept at creating and maintaining relationships. Because of my intensity I tend to struggle in the maintenance department, which is one of the many reasons why it was so nice to have Mark around.

On the topic of IdeaPark: these guys are very talented. BTW fellas the Hayes release will have a dramatically improved presentation layer for ease of skinning if you have interest in wiki projects for your customers.