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Tara pointed out I’ve been short on family posts for a couple weeks. Last Sunday we went to Pacific Beach for the first time. We split a killer hamburger at some New Zealand hamburger joint. PB is cool. I could live there.


I hadn’t realized Pacific Beach was the birthplace of Wikipedia. I thought it was San Diego. I recently met Ted O’Connor (his site says Ed, but he goes by Ted) at the MindTouch office warming party. He’s a great guy. Turns out he was the first, or one of the first, paid employees at Wikipedia. He actually preceded Sanger. Update: read the comments for how I misquoted Ted. What can I say? MaxM mixes a mean white Russian So, I asked him: is Wales the corrupt and borderline sleazy individual I’ve come to believe him to be? Keep in mind this was right in the midst of the Essjay thing. Also, I’ve been really turned off by some other peculiar goings-on at Wikipedia and some odd things Angela Beesley said back in 2005. Ted explained that it was quite to the contrary and shared some stories about Jimmy Wales. It made me re-evaluate the guy. Maybe I’ve been wrong? I don’t know. I had hoped to meet him at the upcoming Community 2.0 conference. However, for some reason Wales is no longer listed as a speaker. With how poorly organized as this event has been it makes me wonder if he was ever actually coming…

Back to journal stuff. Tara, Ashby and I walked over to the Gaslamp today. It was a typical 70 degree day in San Diego. A tad windy though. We hadn’t been to the Gaslamp but once since moving here just over a month ago. Having been there today made us both glad we live in Little Italy. We had looked at some condos on that side of town. Little Italy is definitely more family friendly.

In the day time Dick’s Last Resort is a surprisingly good place for children. The place is a dump. Ashby couldn’t possibly make a mess the staff would notice. Also, it’s loud and there is a lot of stuff going on to interest a child. I asked our server for some napkins and she brought out an entire sleeve of napkins that she proceeded to throw into the air above our heads. Ashby liked it A LOT. Tara and I both were concerned about the trees that were destroyed and the pollutants that were generated while producing these paper products. Ignorance is bliss… Oh, if you noticed the writing on the hat Ashby is wearing, don’t worry Ashby doesn’t _really_ like Tequila. She preferred the Guinness 😉

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  1. Thanks Ted. I knew I was a bit off. Considering those White Russians Max was mixing It’s amazing I was as close as I was.

  2. It was very nice to meet you too, Aaron!

    Some corrections:

    I was a paid employee of, not Wikipedia — at the time, there was no formal WMF or the like. Larry was a Bomis employee before me — his work on Nupedia had started several months before I worked at Bomis for the first time (I had two stints at the company: the first was for a summer while in college, the second was as a FTE after I graduated).

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