Community 2.0 Conference

I’m at the Community 2.0 conference today. It’s the conference’s inaugural event and it’s being held at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This is the first conference I’ve been to that started with Champagne being served at 8:30 AM during the keynote. Last night I discovered the event’s blog and this morning an IRC channel. What do you know, Chris Heuer and Nate Ritter were in IRC. I didn’t know either were here. Nate is local to me in San Diego and Chris I just met (virtually) a few weeks back.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I got into Vegas last night. I mention this because when I got here I went to a restaurant in the casino for a beer and something to eat. I had a $2.99 cheesburger and a free beer. This burger was better than $15 burgers I’ve had! Standing in line to register a gentleman named Charlie pointed out he had a cold $30 burger delivered to his room. Take a look at this burger:

$2.99 Cheeseburger

I guess it’s the little things. What’s really annoying is the hotel is charging anywhere from $9.99 for 2 hours of wifi access to $12.99 for 24 hours. Ridiculous. At least at OSCON the event planners made certain the hotel gave attendees free wifi access. Every conf should demand free access for their attendees or else take the conf somewhere else. There is free access at the conference around the conf ballrooms, but no where else. Free beer, $3 burger, but no free wifi. Lame. I suppose they want me gambling rather than surfing. I’m using my Blackberry to connect. I’ll be posting more about the conference. MindTouch is sponsoring. We’re exhibiting and I’m on a panel. Should be a great event.

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