Powerpoint is lame, Craig Newmark kicks ass

I just attended a keynote from this this guy Ben McConnell. His Powerpoint was killer! It was exactly what PPT should be. The slides were emotional or visual reinforcements of what he was talking about. Every 2nd or 3rd slide had text, but rarely did a slide exceed 5-7 words of text and the most text I saw was about 11 words. Very impactful. I had to split out early because Roy, who is sitting outside of sessions hurriedly finishing off the product we’re launching tomorrow, notified me he was sitting across from Craig Newmark. So, I rushed out to get a photo with Craig and thank him for his product and not sellng/cashing out. True to form, Craig was responding to support requests from Craigslist users, but was willing to pause for a moment and take a photo with Roy and I:

I’m pissed I didn’t think to have us face the light. Damnit, bad photo! Anyway, Craig is more handsome in person! At first I wasn’t sure it was him. LOL. Newmark kicks ass.

Here a some shots of the hotel. The arcitecture is stunning and designed to reflect the mountains. I wish Tara and Ashby were here sitting by the pool.

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