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March 13, 2007


MindTouch has launched, a community wiki site that simplifies collaboration and knowledge sharing for friends and family members, businesses, associations, students and educators.

The uses of are as broad as human knowledge and activity: Friends and family: family scrap book, travel log, event planning and celebration (graduation, wedding, anniversary) Personal interest,clubs and associations: sports, cars, games, Siamese cats, Persian rugs, combat airplanes, Mongolian throat singers, anything and everything. Schools and researchers: research papers, study plan, group project, school bulletins, and more.

We thought it would be a good idea to launch/re-launch in connection with the Community2.0 conference. I want to highlight a few choice communities. These are in no particular order and are a few I noticed while watching sites scroll by:

Of course within the first few hours we had a big spike in traffic (see graphic below), it took us down for a few hours. Traffic

I have to say. I’m surprised. We didn’t really do much to build awareness. It’s not a ridiculous amount of traffic, but it did require RoyK and PeteE scramble to get us up and running again. Thanks guys.

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