Love me some ETech

It’s that time again. Time for one of my all time favorite conferences: Etech. If you’re here, look me up. If you’re not, you can always sit in on the IRC channel at #etech, which often is more fun than meatspace.

MindTouch ( has organized a scavenger hunt I’m calling: MindTouch Scavenger Hunt, Wii!!. Yes, I know I’m not so good at naming things. Did you ever hear the story of how I was so fed up with arguing with SteveB about the name of DekiWiki that I asked the janitor in my office in MN what his name was and wanted to name DekiWiki after him. His name was Brown. In my defense, we had been arguing about the name for over a month.

The first two people to complete the MindTouch Scavenger Hunt, Wii!! will win, guess what: Nintendo Wiis. I’ll be posting the hints Tuesday, 3/27 probably around 5pm.

Right now I’m sitting in the bar at they Hyatt trying to play catch up on community related work at Also, somehow this year I ended up with a totally lame pass. I came down for lunch today and the good folks standing guard informed me I was not allowed because my badge is lame. _sob_ I don’t belong again! _/sob_. Our previous admin who booked my ticket was…well…less than focused.

There is a APP BOF I’m looking forward to and a BlogBridge BOF tonight, but I think they conflict. I’ll probably have to go to the APP BOF. Anyway, expect some posts and photos.