Wrong again

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I have to learn to do trackbacks instead of leaving comments because so often people won’t accept my comments. _sniffle_People don’t like what I have to say_/sniffle_. Anyway, this is funny. I really shouldn’t poke fun, but it’s so easy.

Today we have more deployment options than any established or upstart vendor.

* Managed Service Appliance (SaaS behind the firewall)
* Dedicated Hosted Appliance (here is a good introduction to Appliances)
* Custom On-site
* Hosted Professional
* Hosted Personal (free)
* Open Source

Of course, MindTouch has all these (for longer in some cases) +1 more: software appliance (VM). It’s called MindTouch Deki. I especially enjoy the recent trumpeting of the managed service appliance. A concept MindTouch pioneered. We call it the DekiBox. Also, as I’ve spoken about previously, the claim that Socialtext is open source is dubious at best considering they’re not OSI-approved and it took them four years of claiming to be open source to release their source code. Strange, I know. Anyway, clearly Socialtext is not the most comprehensive provider. Of course, you don’t hear me saying: “Sorry, Charlie“. That would be totally lame.