Flowers in my hair

I’m back in San Francisco for the Web2.0 Expo. Something about San Francisco always feels like home. I’ve mentioned this here before. I think it’s the familiar smell in the air. MindTouch is exhibiting. A presentation was accepted on the topic of "wonderful world of business wikis" or something equally interesting. I decided to leave this one to Ken based on the title. Hopefully he’ll get a bunch of business/enterprise folks that are new to the concept.

I’m a little bummed we’re not doing something more for the event. Typically we would have something fun going on in connection with the event or have a significant presence. I guess we’re just showing up for this one. 😦 Maybe I should get together another Wii Scavenger Hunt. I’m not sure I have time to pull this off though.

I’m looking forward to the Web2.0Open. I really enjoy unConferences. Also, there are some OpenID sessions I’ll be attending. And, of course, there are a couple parties including a WSJ event. Finally, I’ll be stopping by my sister’s new house. She’s moving from Atherton back to Morgan Hill. I’m going to try to make it by tomorrow to see her and the rest of the family. I’ll be returning to my actual home town for the first time in several years. Earlier this week I returned home (San Diego) from a long week of speaking and I spent three hours at the DMV getting CA plates and a new CA driver’s license. It struck me that I haven’t had a CA driver’s license for 13 or 14 years. Strange, it doesn’t seem that long ago.