In energy

500kV Switch Opening in the Nevada desert.

And in green:


Scotsman Ian Gilmartin, 60, and his friend Bob Cattley, 58, both from Kendal, Cumbria have invented a mini-waterwheel capable of supplying enough electricity to power a house – for free.

Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc. – Solar Powered Web Hosting

Our 120 solar panel system will eliminate the production of
– 19,890 lbs of Carbon Dioxide (CO2/GHG) per year
– 5.9 lbs of Nitrous Oxide (NOX/smog) per year
– 0.45 lbs of Sulfur Dioxide (SO4/acid rain) per year
This is the equivalent of planting 3.5 acres of trees per year

Finally, ye old solar ray of death.