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Roy Kim

The photo you see to the right is Roy Kim. I just finished reading a blog post at Roy's personal blog about DekiWiki, the Hayes release, and the future of our user interface. Read Roy's post. Initially I only planned to mention his post here for all interested Gardeners to read, but then I got to thinking maybe I should give you all a little background on Roy. Roy can be the MindTouch highlighted developer this month! 🙂

Roy was MindTouch's first hire. He joined MindTouch in January, 2005 when we were just starting as a company. I met Roy virtually through mutual friends at UNC and it wasn't until more than six months later that Steve and I met Roy in meat space. Roy graduated with a degree in Chemistry and Economics from UNC and three friends of mine that I knew from the Computer Science program at UNC knew Roy from High School. Roy recently moved to San Diego when we merged our offices here. Roy is the author of Tabulas and several other interesting online tools. Tabulas is a very nice blogging community that boasts more than 100,000 blogs and a rapidly growing community. The odd thing about Roy's right-brained education is that he is quite a good designer. His designs are thoughtful and simple…kind of like him. 😉 Roy helps with design (feature and otherwise) and lives mostly in PHP. For more information on Roy subscribe to his blog.

Roy Kim

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