Tabulas v Pownce

Tabulas v. Pownce

I noted Mashable has Roy‘s Tabulas listed as networks you can add to your profile. Roy’s site gets about 1M views a month and has over 100,000 registered members. It’s one of Roy’s many side projects outside MindTouch. It’s had slow and steady growth. Aside from writing the app and adding a feature once in a blue moon the only thing growing the community is the quality of the application. Although, Roy might laugh at that statement. 🙂 Anyway, I was curious. How does Tabulas, a quiet little organic community stack up against something like Pownce. According to the graphic you see here, surprisingly well. Of course, these are totally different apps, but I thought it was interesting. Perhaps Pownce will now have an organic growth curve. Then again uncov, my new favorite blog, has this:

Pownce is a web service that lets you “share stuff with your friends”. Translated into non-retard speak, this means “a website where you can go to put notes and files and shit up for other users”. What was that? You remember FTP too? Yeah, from nineteen seventy-fucking one? Now it has pastel colors, and it’s invite-only. – uncov / pownce

🙂 Uncov rules.