Slashdot | Microsoft Should Abandon Vista?

Slashdot | Microsoft Should Abandon Vista?
“An editorial written by Don Reisinger over at CNet’s takes Microsoft to task for the outright failure of Vista. He suggests that Vista may be the downfall of the company as, despite years in development, Vista was delivered to market too early. His suggestion? Support those who are running it, but otherwise ditch Vista and move on. ‘Never before have I seen such an abysmal start to an operating system release. For almost a year, people have been adopting Vista and becoming incensed by how poorly it operates. Not only does it cost too much, it requires more to run than XP, there is still poor driver support … With Mac OS X hot on its tail, Vista is simply not capable of competing at an OS level with some of the best software around. If Microsoft continues down this path, it will be Vista that will bring the software giant to its knees–not Bill Gates’ departure.'”

I’m posting a reference to a post that references the original article with good reason. The comments on this /. post are so damn hilarious, you’ve got to read them.

How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Vista after all it has been through?

LEAVE IT ALONE! You are lucky it even boots you bastards! LEAVE VISTA ALONE!


Anyone that has a problem with it you deal with me, because it is not well right now.


Oh, and the C|Net piece hurts. Hurts bad. If I were Microsoft. Also, I think it’s probably correct; although, I’m not sure this approach would be in the best interest of Microsoft.