Wiki panel on Usability

I was in Fremont yesterday speaking on a panel hosted by the Silicon Valley Webbuilder group on wikis and usability. Jeffrey Walker, the President of of Atlassian, was there. Jeffrey has this unusual quality. I don’t know how to describe it other than the dude’s so damn like-able you just want to give him a hug. The panel moderator was LukeW. I don’t recall his last name. He’s a usability and user experience (UeX) dude who’s currently working at Yahoo!. He seemed like he might be new to wikis, but it was clear he’s a smart dude and during his, albeit a tad long, 😉 introduction to UeX he made some really good points about web forms and usability. I actually wrote down a couple things Luke said. He has a book coming out on UeX and web form design. This is his second book. I will be buying it. Like I said, smart dude. Maybe someone can post an URL to it in the comments for all of us. Bess Ho, the organizer was a trip. Very energetic, fun, and memorably dressed. She was dressed straight out of an anime, down to the sneakers. She has a fabulously original business card that she proudly declared she had designed herself. Finally, Zoli helped Bess find speakers for the event and was in attendance. Hungarians are cool. Zoli is no exception.

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