50 Photos | Are You Interested?

50 Photos | Are You Interested?Carrer de la Força by Toni Verdú Carbó
Nate has come up with this fantastic idea to print a photo book of 50 carefully selected photos from various talented photographers whom have released their photos under permissive Creative Commons licenses.


  • Price: about $80 or so.
  • Photos/Photographers: There’s a list of them on the photographers page
  • The Beauty: Each photo was chosen specifically for this issue’s theme, “Old”. These photographers are outstanding, and typically charge nothing to use their photos.
  • The Cause: Each photographer will, for probably the first time, receive $1 per photo per book. The limited-run of printing only 50 books guarantees a rarity. The idea behind this project is to simply give credit and validation to these brilliant photographers.
  • Sharing (The Story): These books will hopefully be a talking point around your coffee tables. Share the story of how these books were created and behind each photograph.

Excellent! $80. Ok. This might be a hard sell for Tara, my wife. What’s the details on the book? Binding, etc? Will this be unique too?

4 thoughts on “50 Photos | Are You Interested?

  1. Brilliant idea Aaron. Thank you for the suggestion. If we sell out of this one, I’ll be sure to get more specific later.

    Thank you!

  2. I agree. I like: “life in a trailer park”. LOL. Seriously though, the one city approach makes totally sense because of how niche it is folks would be more inclined to buy. In general Nate should do very myopically focused topics. Those who care greatly about this topic will buy.

  3. I think it’s a great idea. I also think you could do a more specific topic. For example you could do one National Park, one city or area, metal, stone, orange, lights, reflections, life in a trailer park…

  4. Thanks for sharing the story Aaron! I appreciate it. Yes, $80 is a lot. I know, but if you read the Q&A, there’s a reason why. It’s mostly in the cost of paying each photographer $1/image. The rest is cost of printing + Lulu.com commission, etc.

    I’m looking into binding and the quality right now. With this as a market test, if it works, each additional edition (different themes) should get better and better both in quality and uniqueness. But, we’ll never do this same book again, so I’m playing the “collect all [x]” card now. 🙂


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