Open Web Awards

Whoa…MindTouch Deki Wiki is in the running for an Open Web Award. When I saw us get nominated I thought: “yah right, we stand a snow ball’s chance in hell on this one.” In fact, I think I told this to Corey who pointed out the nomination to me. Well, color me surprised! Don’t get me wrong, our tech has the baddest-ass kung fu. It certainly does make sense given we’re FREE and open source, adhere to open standards and have a 99 method REST-based API. It’s just that we’re really not that well known. I’m flattered. If you haven’t voted, please do so, and please help spread the word. Voting will take you 2 seconds.

  1. Click image below
  2. Scroll down, Click “MindTouch Deki Wiki”
  3. Bask in the glory of knowing that you’ve just made two-clicks for humanity