ScribeFire, a firefox addon for blogging

I’m writing a blog post using ScribeFire, a Firefox addon for blogging. With ScribeFire you can setup multiple blogs to publish to. It has WYSIWYG, markup, and preview modes. That’s pretty cool. It seems like a more usable interface than WordPress’ publishing interface. Specifically because of the tabbed edit and preview modes. I’m not certain what editor it’s using, but I don’t really care because I’ll happily markup my posts. I’m not certain this auto-saves though. I don’t believe it does so beware. You can tag posts, see and edit recent posts, pages, and create notes. I’m not sure what a note is though. There is a lack of support for WordPress tags. It labels WordPress categories as tags and does not provide an interface for tagging using the new WordPress tag feature. Although, it does provide an easy way to inject Technorati tags and provides an interface for Not that I care about technorati tags. Overall, I’d say this is a keeper and I’m pretty sure it’s going to save me time while I blog between both my personal and work blog.

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