Happy Baby Jeebus Day!!

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Roy Kim: Merry Christmas from MindTouch!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holi…wait…holy &#$%, wtf? LMAO…yes, I know this photo is hysterically funny. Well, you haven’t seen anything because this is only one of the photos Roy had taken to send out for Christmas cards. If you would like a Christmas Card from Roy he’s willing to mail you one. Roy is MindTouch’s lead developer and founder of Tabulas. Yes, this guy is a lot of fun to work with. Check out that sweater! The sweater and scarf were actually borrowed from Guerric, the latest addition to MindTouch’s development team, who purchased it for use at a Christmas Sweater party he attended.

Seriously though, Happy Holidays from MindTouch. We really appreciate all of your support this last year. To show this we have some very cool new products we’re releasing in the beginning of the year (most of you are probably already aware of one of these). 2008 is already shaping up to be a break out year for MindTouch and this is entirely attributable to you, the community. Thanks for blogging, talking, providing testimonials, giving praise, translating, filing bugs, writing install guides, submitting code patches, writing extensions, hosting user conferences (you can even invite us if you like πŸ™‚ ), buying support, and yes even complaining about Deki Wiki. Because of all these actions by so many of you MindTouch has become the most popular vendor backed wiki. Sincerely, thanks. πŸ™‚

Please continue to provide your feedback in the forums. Good, bad, or otherwise. Also, you should know there is a section to author specs at the wiki. Yes, really you can spec out a feature, we will review it, we have implemented many of these. If you review the release notes of each product release you’ll notice the community is the predominate driver of the product releases. This is your product, we’re the facilitators. Keep the goodness coming.