Kwwwhaaatt…oh, I mean Kwout

Kwout? Kwhat? What a stupid name. They should provide a pronunciation key. I’m pronouncing it K-what. Maybe I’m supposed to pronounce it K-wa-out. Err…maybe it’s Q-U-O-T-E. Anyway it’s it’s a painful domain. Kind of like the word “Syrup”. I hate that word. Or Persai. That’s a totally lame word too. Uncov totally flames this service here:

It’s not bad. The User Experience is kind of crappy. I can’t seem to get that slider to work for me. Granted I have my mouse speed maxed out and my screen resolution is 1920×1200. Well, I think it’s a novel service. Dear Ted: Like I want to fire up Gimp to take a screen shot and create an image map.

In case you’ve missed the point of K-W-OUT, mouse over the image above. You’ll notice the screen shot provides working links by creating an image map that provides click-able links of the page’s hyperlinked text and images. I think it’s cool.

What’s the business model? Got me. I would dig it if Jing did this for me and posted it to Flickr though. Now that would be an interesting challenge and it might even be a useful tool and service.

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