Data Sharing Summit is Back

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The Data Sharing Summit is back, and bigger.

We received such a positive response to the Data Sharing Summit in September, 2007. And, given the ongoing emergence of different data sharing initiatives, such the finalization of the OpenID2 spec, emerging Open Social and other social graph API’s, the 1.0 release of the Higgins Framework, as, Social Networking Portability, FOAF and XFN as standards gaining traction, DiSO, MT activity feeds, etc. we decided that it was a good time to hold another summit.

Our purpose is to provide gathering spaces in which all parties can work together on the challenge of data sharing. We create the agenda the day it happens. It is about getting things done and figuring out the tough problems – there is no committee deciding who does or does not get to ‘present’ it is about breaking up and really diving in figuring out the solutions and building the consensus to get adoption.

We are pleased to announce the following two Data Sharing events:

* The Data Sharing Workshop, April 18 – 19 at the SFSU, Downtown Campus.

* The Data Sharing Summit, May 15, at the Computer History Museum.

I attended the first DSS last year. It was valuable, fun, and, with Kaliya as the facilitator, very well organized. I recommend it highly; although, I do not believe I’ll be able to make it this year I would merrily were my schedule to permit.