Quite a week

It’s been a busy week. Allow me to recap. I just started guest blogging at TechZulu. My first post about the San Diego Tech Meet Up and the SDTweetUp:

TechZulu: Let There Be Wine and Tweets

First post. Well, mine anyway. Vak introduced me previously. I’m happy to be a contributor here at TechZulu; although, TechZulu is a bit different for me being I’m usually blogging on geekier topics :-), but I’ll do my best. Now down to business. 

It’s been an eventful week in San Diego…

Then I was very pleased, and flattered, when a piece I wrote on open source in the enterprise at the MindTouch Blog was picked up by LinuxWorld. 

LinuxWorld: Open source infiltration?

Aaron Fulkerson has a thoughtful response to a recent Gartner Group study. "There can be no doubt that open source will continue to grow in usage and increasingly permeate IT infrastructures, but I agree with Radcliffe, this is going to happen much faster than Gartner predicts."

Finally, and best of all, was this very flattering mention I got (and all the fellows at MindTouch) at ReadWriteWeb.

Aaron Fulkerson and the MindTouch Team

aaronpic.jpgMindTouch, the makers of the DekiWiki platform, is a social media company that eats its own dog food very publicly. Every member of the team contributes to the company blog, discussing not just product developments but also general interest industry news.

The company’s active developer forums are filled with media that users are able to repurpose for their own evangelism. The company integrates with a substantial number of other developer-level social media technologies.

They also use the sophisticated Viddler video platform so their videos can be tagged and commented on. See the down-home 4 minute example demo video below, the only thing missing is audio quality.

As a result of all this material being made available and the company’s high degree of visibility in several social media fora, the marketability of the widely appreciated wiki software is further amplified. Mindtouch says their enterprise wiki software is downloaded 3,000 times every day.

I responded to this honor at the MindTouch blog. All in all, a great week.