Krugle locates Satan, in source code

I knew Steve Larsen was destined for greatness, I was right. He’s located Satan. 

Dsataevelopers hunt for ‘Satan’ in software code –

Krugle searches across code repositories and development resources, using contextual search to provide insights to developers working for networks such as IBM Developer Works, CollabNet and

The application allows developers to use existing code, perform impact analysis and easily learn new code.

In terms of distinctly non-Java searches fed into Krugle recently, ‘Knuth’ returned the highest number of hits in honour of leading computer scientist and ‘father of algorithm analysis’ Donald Knuth, far outstripping ‘Satan’.

‘George Bush’ edged out ‘Britney Spears’ and the fifth-ranked ‘Fidel Castro’, while ‘Paris Hilton’ rounded out the bottom of the rankings.

‘Hillary Clinton’ dominated the presidential candidates, followed by ‘John McCain’ and ‘Barack Obama’.