Google Health gadget leaks confidential data via OpenSocial exploit

Google Health WidgetShockingly, the same day Google Health launches one of my co-worker’s health information was compromised via an OpenSocial exploit that shared his health information from his HMO for everyone to see.


8 thoughts on “Google Health gadget leaks confidential data via OpenSocial exploit

  1. LOL!

    Data is a precious commodity. One that shouldn’t be given away, it’s funny how we’ve been conditioned to think it’s ok to give your data away when it’s your search patterns, IM conversations, mail, etc. It’s much more challenging when it comes to health records, taxes, educational records, dna including genetic predispositions to disease, etc. All used to sell better data and tools to advertisers to better target me as a consumer.

    Oh well, it’s only my attention.

  2. Note to self: Politely decline all future M.T. hot tub party invites, commence search for new peer group, get itch looked at. 🙂

    Dave Cynkin
    CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
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  3. Maybe our humor is just too dark. I’m shocked how many people thought it was real and dmed me with comments.

  4. HAHA Thanks for the credit after everyone declared how creeped out they were. Allow me to also credit @roebot for the idea!


  5. Ok, based on the above comment and about a half dozen direct message tweets I’ve received I’m thinking I should have made it more clear this is a joke…

    BTW, credit to @DamienH for creating the gadget for me. 🙂

  6. This absolutely creeps me out. I empathize with your coworker. The access to & sharing of personal information is out of control. Privacy & security should be the #1 priority.

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