Christmas lights and baking

Playdoh Cookies - yes, they're awesome goodI spent three+ hours baking yesterday. Ashby sat on the counter and helped out. We made Christmas treats for he neighbors. Most of which have brought Ashby gifts and treats in the last week. Being the only child in the neighborhood she’s a bit of a celebrity. We made playdoh cookies and bark chocolate. I’m not a fan of the bark chocolate. Too sweet. The playdoh cookies are awesome though.

After baking we headed to 3606 Garrison Street in Point Loma. I can’t describe the lengths to which this block has gone to create a Christmas wonderland. Animatronics, lights galore even a real life Santa was hired on at one house! It’s bordering on obscene. I have never seen anything like this. The block has about 6-8 houses on it that have gone all out. Some houses have so many lights it is nearly daylight.

The most bizarre/amazing feature of some of these houses were the displays some had built into their windows. One house had a dozen window boxes with animatronics reindeer, Santa, Disney characters, manger scenes, etc… One of the "window" displays was actually bay windows into what must have been their dining room and the entire room was turned into a massive animatronic Santa’s workshop!

If you’re into Christmas or Christmas lights and displays make your way to 3606 Garrison Street in Point Loma. Say hello if you see us, we plan to visit more than once.

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