14 Miles Run, 9 Miles Biked

Pacific Beach

14 miles by foot and 9 on bike. That was my week. On Saturday I had a fantastic run from Mission Bay High School to Pacific Beach and then back along Mission Bay. I hit the beach and it was as if I ran through a curtain of air that washed my psyche clean. Exhilarating. I’ve shaved just over a minute off my pace time since beginning running with West Coast Roadrunners three weeks ago.

My running this week:

Jan 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
5 miles OFF 35 min 40 min OFF 40 min OFF 6 miles

Update: I counted 8 days for this week. Had to update the numbers. 😦

3 thoughts on “14 Miles Run, 9 Miles Biked

  1. Very cool. It makes me want to start running again. I used to run a LOT in the Army, but have gotten lazy since I've been out.

  2. Nice going dude! I've been slacking off and this kind of post makes me ashamed of myself. Will head to gym tomorrow.

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