19 Miles Run 3 Miles Biked

Last week I miscounted my miles. I ran 14 miles and biked 9, not 19 run. This week I did run 19 miles and also biked 3. I know, I’ve got to get my bike out more.

The longest run I’ve done to date, in my life I believe, was this last Saturday when I ran 6 miles with West Coast Roadrunners along San Diego harbor. My pace was 9:28/miles. My last 5 miles were all right around 9:10. Basically, I’ve shaved 2 minutes off my pace in the last 4 weeks.

My training schedule this week:

Jan 31
Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 4 Feb 5 Feb 6 Feb 7
6 miles OFF 35 min 40 min OFF 40 min OFF 7 miles

I’ve been using Tara’s Garmin Forerunner 405 for tracking my pace, distance, splits, etc….  The hardware is excellent. The software is crap. I spent an hour and half trying to get the damn thing to sync my runs and maps to my computer before I gave up. 😦

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