Tungle: Calendaring That Wroks

Yes, that says “wroks“. I have a hard time maintaining my calendar. Thankfully I have a wonderful co-worker named Erin Lee who helps me out. If I don’t have Erin assist me in scheduling appointments they tend not to get scheduled and then I never meet with people I should. My calendar is just too complex and time consuming to juggle especially when it involves getting multiple parties scheduled. Enter Tungle.

My Tungle Calendar

Now, before you razz me about my calendar not looking so complex, let me tell you this is only showing one of my calendars and is an intentionally slow week because I have a lot of writing to catch up on. Anyway, back to Tungle. The app syncs with Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Tungle allows you to “paint” acceptable proposed times and send an email to invitees allowing them to selected from the proposed times. It’s simple, integrates with tools I already use and has completely simplified and improved my life. Thanks Tungle. One request, it would be even better if I could sync multiple Google Calendars and keep them in distinct color coding.