I've not been able to run due to a kn…

Office Cycling

I’ve not been able to run due to a knee injury so I’ve been biking as much as I can fit in between work and family. Biking poses a greater challenge than running because I have to spend 3x the time to achieve a similar workout. Nonetheless, this week I managed to sneak in 66 miles. I realize 66 miles would be far more impressive were it not spread out across 7 days, but it’s hard for me to find time to do 15 miles in a day.

Image by tuexperto_com3 via Flickr

I’d like to post my routes. I use a Garmin Forerunner 405, which means in theory it’s possible. Alas, I’ve tried countless times to get the Forerunner to synch with my computer (Windows Vista 64 and two Windows XP laptops) with no success. It’s terribly frustrating because I’ve sent several emails to Garmin support and have even tried to reach them by phone for help. No response. Bottom line, the Garmin Forefunner 405 is decent hardware. It does a good job of keeping satellite connectivity even in the city. I’ve had some problems with the touch bevel when I’m especially sweaty or it is especially hot, I’m not sure which. Perhaps a combination of both. I’ve confirmed the Forerunner is remarkably accurate by using Google Maps to map my routes. Impressive for such a small device. However, the software is complete trash and the fact that I can’t get it to synch with my computer is a huge disappointment for a ~$275 device. The engineers should be embarrassed. Finally, the fact Garmin has absolutely no desire to help their customers is totally inexcusable.

At any rate, back to my biking. I frequently bring my camera along with me and in San Diego there is no shortage of photo opportunities. A random sampling plucked from my flickr stream:

Mission Hills Bike Shop

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Morning Bike Ride To Work

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  1. I have bought the 305, I got it today from Amazon UK, 184€ and Garmin Training Center works Ok thru USB connection under OS X. No problemo connecting the device, tomorrow first training and sync, I will tell you about it.


  2. I am using TrailRunner for OS X with my Nike+ and it also works with Garmin 305 and 405.

    I think I will buy a 305, I think it is better to be use with my mountain bike.


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