Healing At Paradise Point

The in-laws are visiting from Duluth, MN. My father-in-law is attending a conference and they’re staying at Paradise Point. We spent the day at the beach and pool. Unfortunately, it was unusually cold and overcast in San Diego today. We still had a wonderful time. I was able to grind through a few hundred emails that had piled up form last week’s travelling and spend time with the kids too. Ashby is so much fun.

Ashby is a Powerful Girl

Ashby is a Powerful Girl

This kid is hilarious! She’s only three and she is smart well beyond her years. Her wicked intelligence and amazing sense of humor aside she is scared of homeless people. Not a bad thing really; although, I think Tara has over done it a bit. In Tara’s defense, there are a lot of homeless people in San Diego. Anyway, we’re at the pool and Ashby wants to use the restroom, but she’s concerned and asks: ‘is it clean’. She is somewhat discerning when it comes to bathroom cleanliness and was assessing whether she should use the bathroom nearby or wait to use the one in the room. Smart, right? 🙂 So, I told Ashby these bathrooms were clean because they make homeless people clean them at this resort. LOL. She thought that was hilarious. Of course, she totally knew I was full of it.

In other news. My body has healed remarkably fast from my recent bicycle mishap. Case in point, the day of the accident:

Old Photo. Old Photo.

Look at me here about a week later:


Everyone, including myself, is amazed at how quickly I’ve healed. I believe the rapidity of my convalescence is due in large part to taking Vitamin E. I started taking it when I was running and since I damaged my knee I’ve just kept on taking it, most days. Today, I’ve had almost two weeks of healing and most of the road rash is gone. Gone from my face at least. Alas, I do have two hard nodules under my skin. One is on my chin and the other on my right cheek. They’re noticeable if you know what you’re looking for. If I were clean shaven the one on my chin would definitely be noticeable. Hopefully these too will heal.