Linked Accounts in Facebook

I just stumbled across a brilliant feature in Facebook that allows you to link authentication from  Google, Yahoo!, MySpace, Verisign PIP, Myopenid or any other OpenId provider. Why does this matter? Well, I’m always logged into Google for my calendaring and email. Now that I’ve linked my Google account to Facebook I’m also logged in at Facebook as well.

How to?

Click Settings > Linked Accounts

Facebook Linked AccountsThanks OpenIders. 🙂 More please.

8 thoughts on “Linked Accounts in Facebook

  1. This is a little different question. If I link to my FB account with my Boyfriends FB account will that give me access to his account. Ex. If my profile photo changes will it be seen bye everyone, can I change his account etc. Thanks

  2. Does this give Facebook access to all my contacts in the Address Book of the linked account… Once linked, I started getting friend suggestions for these people. That really bothers me!

  3. Just stumbled upon this Facebook feature yesterday. Doesn’t work for me. Maybe this has something to do with the security rewrite that’s going on right now.

  4. Hello Aaron!

    Has Facebook de-activated OpenID Account Linking via Gmail? Since two days, it no longer works for me. (I am using Google Chrome and IE8.) What is your expert read on this, Aaron?

    Thank you,


  5. Do u tell me plz how can i use this features? how can I load facebook from my mail account?

  6. I did these steps and it worked every once in a while. But the majority of the times, it doesn't work. It just loads facebook normally and at the bottom left of the browser it says done. When it did work, the bottom left always said loading or transferring information etc. from google. Help?

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