The Psychology Of Your Tweets

Jolie just published a great post on TweetPsych. 

[by analyzing their most recent 1,000 tweets] TweetPsych uses two linguistic analysis methods to build a  psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. It compares the content of a user’s tweets to a baseline reading Zarella built by analyzing over 1.5 million random tweets and shows the areas where that user stands out.

How scientific is this? Does this actually tell you anything useful? Let’s pretend it does after all how scientific is psychology?

My TweetPsych:


You know, that seems surprisingly accurate to me. Now let’s look at some of my coworkers.


This guy is all over the map! I saw this and thought: this guy is f#$ked up! First notice his fixation on space and time. Manifesting in a need for money. It makes him uncertain, sad, self referencing (self loathing probably) and he tries to fill the void with sensory overloads. Dude, ‘remember be here now’. Hold on. Aggression? Oral fixation? Taste sensations?  Laaaaddiieeess…. No Roy, I don’t want to go camping with you. LOL Ok just joking. Except for the ‘remember be here now part’.

Now another coworker.


That’s totally Steve. What does this say about Roy? Shit, Roy is nuts. 😉

UPDATE: I wasn’t going to include this coworkers tweetpsych because it just makes me feel dirty, but she already mentioned it in a comment. Here she is:


The narcissism doesn’t surprise me. But…what the hell….

6 thoughts on “The Psychology Of Your Tweets

  1. That's great!! How does Twitter know how much of a nymphomaniac I am? My #1 states: "Oral fixation" & #10 states: "Need Sex". I didn't know Twitter could be so insightful…

  2. That's so awesome. TweetPsych makes me look a douchebag, which I'm always down with.

  3. the funniest thing i've read in awhile dude. remind me to watch out for roy, btw

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