San Diego Fair

Do you remember visiting the state fair as a child? You know, back before you learned the filthy and obese carnies lost their teeth from heroin and methamphetamine use. The rides were thrilling and the experience a lasting memory. Last Friday I took the day off from work and returned to my childhood by taking the entire family to the San Diego Fair. It was Ashby, my three and a half year old that returned me to my youth. Just look at her.

ashby amazed Swing ride

She was so awed by the experience it was thrilling for me too. Tara is terrified of even the kiddy rides. While she fed Roesevelt I took Ashby on a bunch of rides. I had thought Ashby would be scared, but I was very wrong. She would have ridden every ride in the park if I let her. She even rode her first pony. It was named “Chief”.

Ashby Riding a Pony

If you’re looking for a place to park when going to the fair I’m told the free parking lot is very convenient. They run a free shuttle that is allegedly very convenient. When we arrived at the fairgrounds the free lot was already full and we parked in the paid ($10) overflow lot. It was a surprisingly short walk to the gates. We bought our tickets at Albertsons and saved several dollars than if we bought them at the gate. Costco sells a $53 state fair package that includes four adult tickets, four sodas and thirty ride tickets. Not a bad deal.

Ashby and me

We visited the livestock areas and kiddyland. We spent a few hours and it was well worth the $80+ we spent for ride tickets, parking and treats like cotton candy.

My Preciousss...