Ashby’s First Baseball Game Includes Killer Bees

I happened to have four Padres tickets given to me on Thursday. Field level behind first base. I had, as usual, a ton of work to do, but I couldn’t resist cutting out and taking Ashby to her first baseball game. I had some phone calls that I couldn’t miss so we didn’t get to the park until the 7th inning. Damien, one of my co-workers, also paused some work he was doing for a client skin to join us.

The seats were great. However, Ashby’s charm and good looks prompted one of the ballpark’s ushers to move us to seats even closer to the field.

The ushers were amazing. In addition to moving us to really nice seats in the sun they also brought us wet paper towels and fake tattoos for Ashby. They were so sweet and accommodating.

Petco park is great for children. There is a grassy knoll for them to play, a kids’ baseball diamond, sand lots and a very nice playground. Bleacher tickets, which give you access to all the children’s amenities are only $5.


We left before the end of the game. In bottom of the 9th the game was delayed due to a massive swarm of bees in left field. We waited for about thirty minutes for it to clear up and then gave up. Check out this delay of game message on the “jumbotron”.

Bee Delay

About five minutes after the initial message the message was updated to read: “due to a small swarm of bees in left field.” Small my ass! That swarm was massive! We could all see it. It took up an entire section, which was duly evacuated. 


I read the bees delayed the game for over 50 minutes and a shock bee keeper was called in to settle the bees down and was cheered on by the audience. Padres lost to the Astros 2-7.

2 thoughts on “Ashby’s First Baseball Game Includes Killer Bees

  1. That Rocks! We live close enough to go to Mariners games about twice a season, and my older kids love it.

    I have never seen a game delayed due to bees. That's a kick.

    Nice pictures though.

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