Sophie Giraffe By Vulli And Other Baby Products

Tara and I were discussing how few photos I take of Roe compared to Ashby. Since the boy is so young I feel like I am taking the same photos over and over again. Roe lying on his back, lying on his belly, sitting/sinking into the couch cushion, etc. You get the picture. Here is a photo of Roe with his favorite toy Sophie Giraffe.


Sophie Giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber (phthalates Free) and food paint. These are so great we bought three Sophie’s for my friend Henry’s triplets.

I read at Babygadget that Vulli is now selling a new toy in the USA, which I think is even cooler than Sophie. Chan, Pie and Gnon.


Mushrooms are awesome. Get it, Chan, Pie and Gnon. Champignon. Here is a hint, Vulli is a French company.

As long as I’m on the topic of great baby products another is the bumbo seat. Here is Roe posing in his bumbo seat wearing his Izod onsie :-). Thankfully grandma buys most of my children’s clothes.

Roesevelt in his Bumbo seat

The bumbo makes it easy for the boy to stay seated upright safely without the possibility for him to fall over. It’s useful when picnicking in the front yard. 

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  1. Kelly and I used the Bumbo and loved it. If you'd allow your loyal fans to post pictures here, I'd show you one that we took of Cole in a Bumbo overlooking the Ocean.

    Oh well, guess your readers will have to do without 🙂

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