My New Avatar, By Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is one of the most convivial fellows I have ever met. I have barely spoken to the man, but he exudes positivity to an extent that you want to be near him. I do not know what he does exactly. He is some kind of social media expert. No, not this kind of social media expert.

No, not that kind of “social media expert”. He is a talented and wonderful person. I write this based on his blog, which I have read sporadically for the last year and a half. I recommend it highly. Anyway, Chris took this photo of me at the Enterprise 2.0 conference and I want to give him credit as I have now made it my (gr)avatar. Thanks Chris!!

Aaron Roe Fulkerson

3 thoughts on “My New Avatar, By Chris Brogan

  1. As to what I do, I'm a typist. That's what I tell people. Hey look, I'm typing now.

    I run a small online marketing group, who teach big companies how to be human again via the web. (Consultant, only less douchy).

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