Heat Maps

Random photo of Saint Paul, MNI’m reading a book on web analytics and I have determined my employer should be using heat map analysis of our corporate website. In fact, it’s ridiculous we haven’t been benefiting form this already. For some reason the Google Analytics overlay feature isn’t working at our corporate website. It must have something to do with how JavaScript heavy the site is. So last night I checked out www.crazyegg.com and www.clickdensity.com. This morning I attempted to login to ClickDensity and inadvertently included a comma. In return I received the following exception:

Titter titter. www.clickdensity.com doesn't like ","

Wow, that is shoddy engineering. If the service can not provide a reasonable user experience for even the most basic boundary cases how can I trust them with anything else? What else have they ‘missed’?

Currently I’m leaning toward CrazyEgg.Image representing crazyegg as depicted in CrunchBase