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Sad Robot

August 6, 2009

Steve has been on a two week vacation. The other day I was on a phone call at his desk. You see, the sales and marketing team has grown rapidly in the last 6 months and we are packed like cord wood in our side of the office. Whereas, the product team is in an expansive and windowed side of the office. Bastard devs. 😉 In short, while Steve has been gone I’ve discovered Steve’s desk is far more comfortable than mine when I’m on calls. Also, I think I can smell him…LOL, just kidding. 

Digression aside. While on the phone I left Steve the following doodle:

Sad robot: "Steve is gone :-( come back from Iceland..."

It reads: “Steve is gone. 😦 Come back from Iceland….”

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  1. Tracy permalink

    I like how you draw your face sideways as if you were typing it. 🙂

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