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The Week of 2009-08-16 On Twitter

August 16, 2009
  • Gee I think MindTouch might be onto something 😉 RT @dhinchcliffe: Microsoft's SharePoint thrives in the recession: #
  • "ZuluPad is a notepad on crack." Why would I want *anything* on crack? #
  • Nominate your fav support person: " was established to give recognition to Customer Support Reps" #
  • @GraemeThickins Note: MindTouch product ranked ahead of OpenText in the recent Forrester Wave: Collab Platfm. And Novell and, and, 😉 in reply to GraemeThickins #
  • RT @dahowlett: Comment of the day: US gov't is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs: (lo) #
  • Follow @MindTouch for daily product tips. #
  • LOL RT @ruv: FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request #
  • Wow. Ok. RT @cote: Hey-now, VMWare to buy SpringSource for $362M – #
  • scratch that $326M acquisition. It is, in fact, a $420M acquisition of SpringSource by VMware. #
  • RT @lmaugustin: Congrats @jsoltero, @peterfenton, @springrod! Well deserved! Big day for @peterfenton with both SpringSource and FF. #
  • Recall: "SpringSource and MindTouch seek to redefine the application server" #
  • 2 #
  • @JAdP, @daveofdoom obviously doesn't know anything about MindTouch. #
  • Collaborative Networking LinkedIn Group: #
  • @daveofdoom sell apps? BTW Forrester has MindTouch ranked best alternative to IBM and Microsoft: in reply to daveofdoom #
  • @daveofdoom story for you. Building on (@mjasay) – MindTouch the new app server to watch? OR how OSS mving up stack. in reply to daveofdoom #
  • Just completed late night OSS biz strategy chat w/ @mrhinkle. Best in software biz for community/marketing strategy. 🙂 #
  • Hi. MindTouch is hiring a VP of Marketing. Rock stars like @ZUrlocker @SamLawrence need only apply. Please spread the word. Thx. #
  • @krishnan we will have a personal soln to address this ASAP, but it's a still a bit off. 😦 in reply to krishnan #
  • @Dries MindTouch sponsored research across top OSS companies on best practices in Mark/Sales. Acquia no response. Participants get rsrch in reply to Dries #
  • I'll be in SFO today for mtgs and the Olliance/DLA Piper Open Source CEO Dinner at Lulus. #
  • RT @timojkankaanpaa: Learning how to build collaborative networks – try visiting this group for help. #
  • @ZUrlocker ur name came up twice. What ru doing these days? 🙂 lulus for dinner tonight? in reply to ZUrlocker #
  • Enjoying the new Pentaho SFO digs. 🙂 #
  • Met with an interesting potential MindTouch OEM partner that is building a vertical soln for legal collaboration and KM. #
  • @ebrittwebb Probably should look at MindTouch:, (watch short demo vids to right), #
  • @ebrittwebb, MindTouch Desktop: the 2 min vid will amaze u. 🙂 #
  • I was just separated from @lmaugustin at the dla/olliance OSS CEO dinner. Damn u Radcliffe I feel like we r rowdy in elementary school agin #
  • Back at hotel milano for evening. Tired. Ready for family vacation. Rdy 4 1700cc Victory and >130mph along right coast. 2 days away. #
  • @shanselman schweet. in reply to shanselman #
  • I'm grabbing a snack at a really crappy Thai place in lobby of hotel. Techno crap and bad soup w jalapenos. Thai? #
  • @smalljones suddenly ur active agin. Where u been? How is boy genius? in reply to smalljones #
  • All the 3rd party apps on my iPhone are corrupted. AGAIN. Have to reinstall them all. Wth? #
  • @smalljones I just missed you in SFO. Left today and am back in SAN. in reply to smalljones #
  • @wckdcrazycool Are you using the Desktop Suite? in reply to wckdcrazycool #
  • @egonitron no jailbreaking. My 3rd party iphone (3G) apps regularly become corrupted. in reply to egonitron #
  • I just spent $12 for a plain turkey and cheese sandwich for my daughter at quiznos in the airport. Wow. #
  • GPS location: in Nashville on our way to Port Orange FL where There is a 1700cc Victory with my name on it. #
  • @jimdye drat just missed u. I love that city. in reply to jimdye #
  • GPS location: #
  • I will be fishing and swimming in the atlantic today. #
  • 5 Days of OSCON – Day 4: 30s Interviews with Speakers – I'm at 11:17. #
  • Disclaimer: I take no position on this., but am amused. RT @migueldeicaza: Difference between the left and the right: #
  • EVERY company requires this, RAD Form processing with MindTouch: #
  • @jzemlin "keep event badges hung from our office doors" LMAO – loser. #
  • Feeding crabs. Trying for fish. GPS location: #
  • @gilkesjm yes ie6 is supported. Perhaps not in beta skins? Not sure. in reply to gilkesjm #
  • RT @MarkFidelman: Currently reading 'Mindtouch Collaborative Intranet 2.0 Networks' : #
  • At some point on this vacation I'm going to have to plow through the hundreds of emails in my inbox. 😦 #
  • MindTouch launching 2nd pkged soln in a couple weeks. Innovative new features. Already several exciting customers. DM me for early info. #
  • Now…to the beach with the family. #
  • Now ashby is eating sand and telling me it is yummy. She changed her mind after I told her it has fish poop. Lol #
  • Back in the South. I ❤ the south. Two words: flannery o'conner. #

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