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The Week of 2009-08-23 On Twitter

August 23, 2009
  • Github is #2 most searched term today on Google thus far. That's surprising. #
  • RT @scottsmeester: "If you think the fallout in the newspaper business was dramatic, wait until you see what happens to edu." – Seth Godin #
  • Weather report: hot, damn hot. GPS location: #
  • @corvusrook @craigbox wow. Just wow. XKCD is great, but I had no idea it had this reach. is a funny one too btw. #
  • I should be writing my next article for Fortune, but I'm going to take out the motorcycle instead. #
  • @maxmass Will send pics. 2001 1503cc Victory. (thought it was 1700, it's 1503cc) in reply to maxmass #
  • LOL Cash for clunkers applied to glasses RT @ChoiceVision: Get FREE Single Vision Lenses with purchase of any frame! #
  • @ThisIsOurs_info lol. It is Che Guevara rabbit. in reply to ThisIsOurs_info #
  • RT @migueldeicaza RT @kangamono: The MonoTouch team has just released beta 3! Big day for mono world! #monotouch #
  • @ThisIsOurs_info "cross between a lion, a rabbit and a Ferengi" I too have been described this way. in reply to ThisIsOurs_info #
  • Yaaay!! There is a kids w00t now. #
  • I ❤ CellFrog. Hasslefree. RT New CellFrog blog post – VIDEO – Conference Call Scheduling made easy – #
  • @dmac1 If you're still looking for small companies that have success in open apis I can speak to that. #
  • @dmac1 amazon, microsoft, WPNI and many others build on MindTouch open apis. I would be very pleased to share success/failures. 🙂 dm me #
  • RT @chrisatyoursix: So happy… I got MindTouch installed on my server! My life can be organized again! #
  • RT @baharms: RT @honging: RT @craigbox: New MSDN-like expanding navigation tree for #MindTouch Core: #
  • Another gorgeous MindTouch Powered product documentation portal: #
  • @OpenTeamworks you need "About" page for company and customers listed if you want to be taken srsly in this economy. in reply to OpenTeamworks #
  • RT @stoweboyd: RE … we should lead the world in prisons not in health care or education – Kristof #
  • @stoweboyd Thank you Reagan. ( ) in reply to stoweboyd #
  • UGH! darkside of poplrity incrsgly sphstictd spam. 😦 @honging adds "/Special:DieSpammers" to our toolbox. #MindTouch #
  • 😉 RT @the_spinmd: posts on Wash. Post hyperlocal experiment makes me think MindTouch might be onto something with upcoming announcement. #
  • Get in line I suppose. RT @mrhinkle RT @mjasay: Just a rumor, but seems reasonably well substantiated: Oracle circling #RedHat (again) #
  • @GeorgeDearing couple more weeks and you'll see something REAALLY interesting in hyperlocal journalism. in reply to GeorgeDearing #
  • RT @doug_moran WooHoo – My "Pentaho Solutions" book was just delivered to my doorstep. Great Job @josvandongen and @rolandbouman ! ! ! #
  • RT @jonobacon About to do the Ubuntu Global Jam IRC meeting in #ubuntu-meeting on !ubuntu !ubuntulocoteams #
  • @zAgile Why not integrate MindTouch and have SF, SVN, Jira, etc integration out of the box? MindTouch excels at ETL. in reply to zAgile #
  • @GeorgeDearing drat! Cut sheets are already printed!! 😉 in reply to GeorgeDearing #
  • I either have swine flu or heat exhaustion. 😦 #
  • I'm currently at the oldest yacht club in the country. Founded 1894. Halifax River YC in Daytona Beach. Wow plastic surgery central. #
  • New comment today on "Intranet Collaborative Networking" #
  • @honging Roy has been stockpiling Polaroid film. #
  • I'm downloading a rental for Ashby via iTunes for the flight and packing bags to return to SAN from MCO (in Daytona Beach all this week) #
  • At MCO. Southwest seems to have lost my family's tickets. Wth? #
  • Southwest, I have confirmation for etix. Why can't your agents find my tix? At MCO with entire family trying to get home to SAN. 😦 #
  • Been waiting 30 min now with 6mo old and 3yr old at MCO for SWA to find r tix we have confirmation #s for. #
  • No idea where the SWA agent went. R luggage still sitting behind curbside checkin. Kids are very restless. Not cool SWA. #
  • @DarinRMcClure nothing. Kids restless. Roe needs to eat. Tara and I are getting pissed. in reply to DarinRMcClure #
  • @southwestair my family's etix were "corrupted". Spent last 45 min with agent trying to figure this out. 6mo and 3yr old hungry and ornery. #
  • All is good now. Egad! 1 hr to find tix we had confirm #s for with @southwestair. That's tough w/ 2 lil ones. #
  • UGH! Now delayed in Albuquerque. #
  • Managed to jump a standby flight to LAX. That SAN flight delayed 3hrs and increasing. #
  • need a rental car and rental kids' car seats to get us from LAX to SAN. Arriving LAX 6:35pm flt 2834. Happy to accept ride 4 me and fam 🙂 #
  • @suncaragent thank so much. I abs would, but Twitter/FB just scored me a ride home to SAN from LAX. I will use u nxt time tho. Promise. 🙂 in reply to suncaragent #
  • Thank u Social Media. My family just scored a ride home. 😉 #
  • /me sigh…Home in SAN. #
  • Holy twitter spam bots. No I don't need help with insomnia, boyfriends, girlfriends, SEO, tips on starting family, lovers, etc. sheesh. #
  • BTW, @suncaragent was kind enuf to auto-spam me with a car rental suggestion. I appreciated it. I will try to book with them in the future. #

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