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Princesses On Ice

October 11, 2009

Ashby is really into Princesses. Personally, I’m not fond of Disney or Disney Princesses. Especially older Disney, which depicts women as submissive and is often quite scary to children. If Disney being scary surprises you then you haven’t watched Disney as an adult. Nonetheless, when I saw there was Disney’s Princesses on Ice in town I was excited to take Ashby. I knew she would have a fantastic time. I was right and so too did Tara and me.

Prior to the event, Tara and I took Ashby to the new Corvette Diner at Liberty Station in Loma Portal. We had been to the old location in Hillcrest, but I wasn’t fond of it because it just felt dirty. I really like this new location though.


After dinner we drove to Sports Arena for the show. Once in the venue we loaded up Ashby with a new wand and snacks. Our seats were amazing. We were on the ice, front row. Indeed these were the best seats I have ever had at any event. I could have picked a Princess’ nose every minute were I inclined. The actors would occasionally step off the ice and interact with the audience. Ashby was too shy to engage them, but this made it even more fun and exciting.


Here are my two favorite princesses of the evening:



Cinderella wasn’t bad either, yowza…. 😉



Ashby was mesmerized by the show. I suppose we all were. The skating was amazing and the costumes were equally impressive. The best part of the show was witnessing the awe in Ashby’s face and in those of the children around us. We had a fantastic time.

Thank you Sarah for watching Roesevelt for us so we could go.

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