I’m hosted

Now that I migrated my self-hosted blog to hosting at WordPress.com I have complaints.

Flea CircusWhen I was self-hosting I used the excellent Twitter Tools plug-in from Alex King for posting a weekly digest of my tweets to my blog. It is important to me that my blog be a journal for my kids and family. Twitter is part of this journal. My tweets commonly overlap with my blog posts. Missing twitter at my blog is missing, at least, half my journal. I’m bummed. Suggestions please?

When I was self-hosting I was running Google Analytics. I would refer to the WordPress analytics for my personal blog on occasion and the two were never identical. The WordPress stats were always higher. Why? I have no idea. Since moving to WordPress.com I’m unable to use Google Analytics. Why? I have no idea. We allow users of MindTouch Express to modify several HTML areas. With this users can run their own Google Analytics script. Why doesn’t WordPress.com allow this? Yes, there is additional overhead in loading the page, but I don’t care.

In my sidebars on my self-hosted blog I had a few widgets that were scripts or embeds. For some reason WordPress.com disallows this too. I most miss my FriendFeed widget. Again, you can do this at MindTouch Express. What’s the problem WordPress.com?

None of the comments that previously were threaded with replies in IntenseDebate migrated correctly.

Lastly, I’ll mention the fact that you are disallowed form using WordPress plugins. Ok, this one I understand. This is a big challenge. However, there are ways to achieve even this. Check out Ning.

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