Weekly Cycling Report

My week was a bit too busy to fit in a full week of cycling. Overall I only managed to ride 55 miles. I broke a chain on Saturday. The wonderful folks at Bicycle Warehouse in Pacific Beach fixed it for me free of charge. The service here is fantastic and unpretentious, unlike Mission Hills Bike shop.

Today I rode 32 miles, but I intended this to be a 50 mile ride. I biked the south portion of San Diego bay along the Bay Shore Bike Trail down to National City, up the Sliver Strand and into Coronado. My chain was rubbing against the shifter, which might have caused the chain to break on Saturday. I took apart the component and rebuilt it at Silver Strand State Park. It was better, but still not quite right. I put another 8 miles in and determined I should call it quits until I get it fixed properly.



San Diego Ferry

Cities all over San Diego County have public service campaigns targeting cyclists. Here is an ad paid for by the city of Chula Vista.

Cars Always Win

These campaigns are targeting the wrong demographic entirely. I commute to and from work 5 days a week by bike. I obey the law and take a traffic lane when there is no bike lane. It’s safer. It’s the law. As a result I am verbally accosted by motorists 3 times a week. Weekly I have motorists feint vehicles at me and lay on their horn. Where are the ads informing motorists to “Share the Road”?